We’ve put together answers to frequently asked questions. If your question’s not answered here, please contact us.


I’m a member of The Clarsach Society: can I use the same login to book EIHF tickets?

Yes!  The account is the same for both.

I’ve forgotten my password…

Go through the purchase process: then, when prompted for your login details, click on ‘I forgot my password’ below the login button.

If this doesn’t work for you, please get in touch.

Will you be selling individual concert tickets?

Yes: these will go on sale towards the end of March.


I’ve never used Zoom before and I’m nervous about this…

We will be putting together a guide to help you through this.

When will I receive my Zoom course and workshop links?

These will be emailed out to you shortly before the Festival.

When will I receive my concert links?

These will be emailed out to you shortly before the Festival. 

If you’ve booked an Early Bird Concert Pass, you will receive one email containing all the concert links.

How long will the concerts be available to view after the Festival?

You will be able to continue to watch the concerts at your leisure until midnight on Monday 26th April.


What’s the difference between a Course and a Workshop?

Courses are in-depth study sessions taking place over 2 or 3 days with one of our highly experienced tutors, who are all renowned harpers and harpists in their own rights.  They are capped at 15 students, so that the tutor can give each student the attention they deserve, and to make interaction meaningful and possible. 

There are two kinds of course: the 3-day course, which comprises 3 x 1.15 hour sessions over 3 days in the same time slot each day – either in the morning (10:00-11:15) or in the afternoon (16:00-17:15).  Then there’s the Weekend Course: 4 sessions over 2 days, morning (10:00-11:15) and afternoon (16:00-17:15). 

Workshops are one-off sessions, with our tutor-performer giving us the benefit of their specialist knowledge on a particular area or aspect of harping. Some are interactive learning (marked ‘bring your harp!’) and others are more of a sit-back-and-relax lecture-recital style, with time for questions.

I’m not sure what level I am.

For your own satisfaction and the sanity of our excellent teachers, it is essential that you choose the correct level. If in any doubt please check with your teacher or email us (office@harpfestival.co.uk) for advice about levels .

  • POST BEGINNER: You may have already taken a Beginners course, have had relatively few lessons or require help with basic technique.
  • ELEMENTARY: You can already perform simple tunes, require further help in developing technique and wish to work slowly and carefully.
  • ELEMENTARY/INTERMEDIATE: As Elementary, but you feel ready to stretch boundaries and work a little faster.
  • INTERMEDIATE: Your technique is established and you are happy to work at a moderate speed.
  • INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED: As Intermediate, but you are ready and willing to work faster, stretch yourself and be a bit adventurous.
  • MIXED ABILITIES: Catering for all levels except complete Beginners.

Why are there no Advanced courses?

In the past, numbers taking these courses were very low so instead we are offering a wide range of subjects at INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED level and for MIXED ABILITIES. 

I’m a beginner: do you have a course for me?

We aren’t running beginner festival classes this year; but if you’d like to learn to play, a good place to start is the tutors page on The Clarsach Society website.  The Society also runs a competitively-priced harp hire scheme for its members. 

Why are your course numbers capped at 15?

We have chosen to keep our course sizes the same as they are “in real life” at Merchiston, allowing for quality learning time and the chance to interact with your tutor and ask them questions.

I’m in a different time zone: why do your courses start so early?

Zoom courses are live in real time. Unfortunately, this means that the morning courses beginning at 10.00am BST/UK time will not suit, for example, those in the US. we’re very sorry about this: we’ve considered our scheduling very carefully and tried to make our courses as accessible as possible – but there was no other way to squeeze everything in!

How will I receive music / handouts for my course and workshop?

These will be emailed at the same time as your links.

Will you be recording Zoom courses and workshops?

We will be recording our workshops for “catch-up” viewing later, but courses will not be recorded – so book your course place soon!


Where are the sessions, merchandise and harp exhibition?

We’ve still some things to announce, so keep checking back!

I’d like to support the work of the EIHF: how can I do this?

You can add a donation when you buy tickets.